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First steps with Galileo Luna

I used to date the Uwatec Smart Z with my dives. Unfortunately you can´t replace the battery yourself. After a test dive before my vacation with 86 percent battery capacity, I suddenly got a warning message on the display. So quickly I needed a replacement. Since the Galileo Luna can work together with the high pressure sensor of the Smart Z. So I decided fast for it. The coupling with the transmitter was smooth. The pressure display before diving works and all menu items are self-explanatory. Unfortunately on vacation I could not managed to turn on the compass underwater. Now I know that you have to press the right button for a long time. The display is clear and can be customized. Overall, the computer makes a solid impression and I do not regret the purchase . Now you can change the battery yourself. This is also important because in compass mode it uses more power. I will probably use this very often in the next dives.

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